The NRG Transseptal Needle delivers a short and highly focused radiofrequency energy pulse, enabling a precise and controlled transseptal puncture.

NRG Transseptal Needle

Needle curvesC0, C1
Needle lengths56 cm, 71 cm, 89 cm, 98 cm
Dilator compatibility0.032”

Compatibility table

Compatible transseptal sheathsNeedle length
6F small anatomy fixed curve - 48 cm56 cm*
8F or 8.5F fixed curve - 63 cm71 cm
8.5F fixed curve - 81 cm89 cm
8.5F steerable curve - 71 cm98 cm

Compatible with 0.032” dilator systems

*Proximal gauge 19 ga, distal gauge 22 ga

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