Transseptal Access

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  • DuoMode™ Cable

    The DuoMode Cable is an extension cable designed to streamline the connection between compatible radiofrequency puncture devices, your mapping system, and the RFP-100A RF Puncture Generator to enable visualization.

    1. Electrophysiology
  • NRG™ Transseptal Needle

    The NRG Transseptal Needle delivers a short and highly focused radiofrequency energy pulse, enabling a precise and controlled transseptal puncture.

    1. Electrophysiology
  • RFP-100A RF Puncture Generator*

    The RFP-100A RF Puncture Generator* is designed for controlled tissue puncture using radiofrequency (RF) energy.

    1. Electrophysiology
  • SureFlex™ Steerable Guiding Sheath

    The SureFlex Steerable Guiding Sheath is a bidirectional steerable sheath engineered to provide maximum control during transseptal crossing.

    1. Electrophysiology
  • TorFlex™ Transseptal Guiding Sheath

    The TorFlex Transseptal Guiding Sheath offers precise handling for smooth left atrial crossing.

    1. Electrophysiology
  • VersaCross™ Access Solution

    VersaCross Access Solution provides exchangeless access-to-delivery of left heart therapy devices.

    1. Electrophysiology
  • VersaCross™ Steerable Access Solution

    VersaCross Steerable Access Solution enables exchangeless access-to-delivery of left heart ablation devices, with high precision steering and consistent contact force

    1. Electrophysiology