EKOS™ Control Unit 4.0

EKOS™ Control Unit 4.0

EKOS™ Control Unit 4.0 (EKOS™ CU 4.0) offers new functionality and workflow-based intelligence for EKOS™ devices both at the procedure table and in the ICU. It is a critical part of the EKOS™ system that continues to break new ground in PE, DVT and PAO treatment.

EKOS™ CU 4.0 is the result of extensive collaboration with our clinician partners to improve every step of the EKOS™ therapy experience to support your team's ability to perform at its highest level making workflow easier and more integrated from the lab to ICU. New features of the EKOS™ CU 4.0 include an interactive color touchscreen, a built-in battery and separate ports for managing two EKOS™ devices simultaneously, simplifying bilateral treatment of pulmonary embolism (PE) and deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Console Overview

Bilateral PE treatment, simplified

  • Manages two EKOS™ Devices at once with A/B channels and easy-to-read screens for bilateral PE and DVT Acoustic Pulse Thrombolysis™  treatment.
  • Small, lightweight and portable allowing easy integration into hospital workflow.
  • Speeds set-up time with easy to follow on-screen step-by-step prompts.
  • Intelligent on-screen trouble-shooting tells you where the issue is and how to correct it
  • Built in battery makes it easier to transport patients from the Lab with zero interruption in therapy.


  • EKOS™ CU 4.0 will run all EKOS™ devices currently run by the PT3B Control Unit.


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