Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent System

Triaxial delivery system for precise stent delivery, with thumbwheel and pull grip options for intuitive deployment.

System Schematic

Schematic of Eluvia Stent from radiopaque tip to flushing luer

Deployment Technique

Proper deployment technique is critical for predictable, controlled stent deployment - especially for 150 mm stents.
Roll the thumbwheel of the deployment handle in the direction of the arrow indicated on the handle. 
Continue to roll thumbwheel until the middle shaft radiopaque marker band passes the distal stent radiopaque markers. Watch for the distal stent radiopaque markers to begin separating as stent starts deploying.
Middle shaft radiopaque marker band - deployment technique of Eluvia Stent System

Continue turning the thumbwheel until the middle shaft radiopaque marker passes the proximal stent markers resulting in full deployment, or until arrow is visible on pull grip.

Long stents (150 mm) require pull grip activation to complete deployment

Anchor the handle and gently pull the manual pull grip until the middle shaft radiopaque marker band passes the proximal radiopaque markers of the stent resulting in full deployment. When activating the pull-grip, avoid rapid deployment.

Eluvia Stent deployment technique

View the delivery system underfluoroscopy, ensuring that the stent is fully deployed.

To remove the system, grasp the guidewire a short distance from the distal end of the handle and repeatedly feed the wire into the delivery system handle to retract the system over the wire.

The pull-grip deployment system on the Eluvia Drug-Eluting Stent System
White activation arrow