Advancing SCS Therapies

Boston Scientific advanced the science of spinal cord stimulation by introducing Combination therapy – the ability to engage multiple mechanisms of action simultaneously. We have taken that advancement a step further by targeting a new, distinct SCS mechanism of action with FAST.1


Paresthesia-Free Pain Relief in Minutes with FAST

Now patients can experience significant results before they leave your clinic, giving you and your patients confidence in their SCS therapy.

  • Targets surround inhibition: a new distinct SCS MOA1
  • Maximizes your patients' SCS experience
  • Available in both the trial and permanent implant


Broad Coverage. Greater Efficiency.

Our optimized Contour Therapy delivers broad paresthesia-free coverage across multiple neural targets – now with enhanced energy efficiency.

  • Optimized to use less energy than conventional paresthesia-free therapies2
  • Personalized to each patient's unique anatomy
  • Designed to mitigate loss of therapy due to lead migration


Combination Therapies. Amplify Success.

Not only does WaveWriter Alpha offer some of the latest in advanced therapies, but Boston Scientific is the only company that can deliver therapies simultaneously for lasting relief that’s tailored to every patient’s needs.

Illumina 3D

Precise targeting

Illumina 3D


Optimized Contour

Broad, energy-efficient, paresthesia-free coverage

optimized contour



Immediate and profound paresthesia-free pain relief



Dorsal column stimulation

Dorsal column stimulation

Dorsal horn modulation

Dorsal horn modulation

Surround inhibition

surround inhibition



Supported by Ongoing Comprehensive Clinical Evidence

Our clinical studies have shown significant and sustained pain relief, improved disability index and increased patient satisfaction.


FAST Pro Study





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