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Boston Scientific pioneered personalized pain management solutions – and now, we are ushering in the next era of personalization. With WaveWriter Alpha, you get a complete solution tailored to meet your and your patients’ needs at every point in the pain management journey.

WaveWriter Alpha is the first SCS portfolio designed to deliver FAST - Fast-Acting Sub-perception Therapy, our proprietary therapy targeting a new and distinct mechanism of action in SCS.1

MedTech Breakthrough Award 2021. Winner. The WaveWriter Alpha SCS System wins Best Overall Medical Solution Award.

MRI machine

ImageReady™ MRI Portfolio

ImageReady MRI Portfolio

The WaveWriter Alpha SCS Portfolio allows for full-body MRI* access and includes both rechargeable and non-rechargeable, 16- and 32-contact options.

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FAST™ and Contour™ Therapies

Advanced Therapies :FAST™ and Contour™ Therapies

WaveWriter Alpha features our latest personalized therapy offerings: FAST and Optimized Contour Therapy. FAST is designed to provide profound paresthesia-free pain relief in minutes and Contour Therapy delivers broad paresthesia-free coverage using less energy than conventional paresthesia-free therapies.2

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advanced therapies

“FAST offers my patients immediate results, often in less than 5 minutes. It [FAST] has been able to reduce their NRS score from an 8 to less than 1.”**

Dragan Gastevski, M.D., F.A.S.A.

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Chronic Pain Education for Your Patients

Do your patients need educational resources about chronic pain? provides personalized content and connection to real people who can answer their most pressing questions about pain management therapies, such as spinal cord stimulation.

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