Spectra WaveWriter

Spinal Cord Stimulator System

The First SCS System with Waveform Automation

The Spectra WaveWriter SCS System is engineered to automatically rotate through waveforms to help simplify personalization and deliver the most effective therapies with the lowest energy usage — both today and as pain changes over time.

Expanded MultiWave Capabilities: MicroBurst3D™

The system’s MicroBurst3D Waveforms expands Multiwave™ Technology and are designed to personalize burst stimulation to address patient variability.

  • Rates from 2 Hz to 1,200 Hz
  • Bursts from 2 to 1,000+ pulses per packet with variable frequencies
  • Field shapes personalized to each individual patient

Real-Time Patient Therapy Ratings

For the first time ever, patients can enter real-time therapy ratings into their remote control to evaluate different waveforms. The system then provides physicians with a Program Usage Report to help them identify which therapy provides the most pain relief with the lowest energy usage.
The Spectra WaveWriter SCS System remote control showing real-time patient therapy ratings.

Real-Time Therapy Ratings

A Spectra WaveWriter™ SCS System patient optimization report showing patient therapy ratings and corresponding charge consumption.

Program Usage Report

Automatically rotate through waveforms with program scheduling.

Program Scheduling

Automatically rotate through waveforms with program scheduling to easily evaluate and personalize therapy.

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