Spectra WaveWriter

Spinal Cord Stimulator System

Proprietary Sub-Perception Algorithms

The Spectra WaveWriter SCS System's Contour™ Field Shaping Algorithm delivers sub-perception therapy in new ways.  This proprietary algorithm shapes the stimulation field over multiple vertebral levels to each patient's individual spinal anatomy.

Contour Field Shaping Algorithm

Conventional paresthesia-free, bi-pole stimulation has limited coverage—and can be susceptible to lead migration resulting in loss of therapy. The proprietary Contour Field Shaping Algorithm approaches sub-perception therapy differently.

Leveraging key clinical learnings from nearly a decade of research, the Contour Algorithm is designed to:

Easily find and keep the optimal target by contouring the stimulation field over multiple vertebral levels

Address patient and lead variability  by contouring the stimulation field  to each patient’s unique anatomy

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