TheraSphere™ Now

Online Ordering Platform Now Available

What is TheraSphereTM Now?

TheraSphere Now is a free, web-based platform designed to facilitate TheraSphere treatment order submission, tracking, and order management.

With this platform, you can:

  • Place dose vial & Accessory orders
  • See available TheraSphere Inventory
  • Vial selector
  • See the desired activity of the vial
  • Track order status
  • Cancel orders
  • Review order history

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If this is your first time using the TheraSphere Now online ordering portal, please register by filling out this form. We will process your request and a TheraSphere representative will be in touch to complete your account set up in line with our privacy notice

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Interested in TheraSphere Now? Check out our FAQs to see how easily you can get started today.

It’s easy! Once logged into TheraSphere Now, simply:

  • Enter a treatment date and time to view available dose vials that meet the activity level you need for your patient’s treatment.
  • Select your desired dose vial(s) along with any treatment accessories and place your order.
  • Confirmation communication will be sent to you.
  • Track delivery status along the way.

TheraSphere Now is a free web-based platform accessible via desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone and only requires a username and password to access the site (provided after registration). 

Please use the registration page to provide us with the necessary information to begin your account setup process. Upon account setup completion, you can access the ordering site immediately.

Only facilities that have a TheraSphere Authorized User can use TheraSphere Now. Within those facilities, eligible parties for TheraSphere Now access include (but are not limited to ):

  • Interventional Radiologists
  • Nuclear Physicists
  • Radiology or Nuclear Medicine Technologists
  • Coordinators or other staff members who support placing TheraSphere orders 

Yes, a facility can have multiple users. Users can be designated with full access (i.e., can place orders) or with view-only access (i.e., cannot place orders but can see and track order status). Registered users within a facility can see all orders placed to improve visibility and access to TheraSphere ordering information.

No, TheraSphere Now is only for ordering TheraSphere vials once dosimetry has already been determined through 99Tc-MAA liver mapping and/or dosimetry planning software. For assistance with dose calculation, please contact your local TheraSphere representative.

No patient-level information is collected or used.


You can submit orders electronically here or you can email this order form  to Customer Care at You will be notified via email by Customer Care once your order is confirmed. If this is your first time ordering TheraSphere, please note that our Customer Care team requires a Customer Information Form completed before your account can be set up.


You can submit TheraSphere orders to Customer Care at  via our e-mailable PDF order form. Please contact the TheraSphere Customer Care team or your local TheraSphere representative for this PDF order form if you do not already have one.

TheraSphere Now is a cloud-based application and it is SOC 2 compliant. Boston Scientific also conducts frequent vulnerability analysis for identification and prevention from cloud-based threats.

Please reach out to your local TheraSphere representative to learn more about TheraSphere Now and how it can help streamline your dose ordering process. You can also reach out to Customer Care at or call the TheraSphere Customer Care team using the appropriate country-specific telephone number below.


Customer Care Team Telephone details: 
Austria +43 720 880 791Belgium +32 2 374 09 54France +33 170 615 491
Ireland +353 15134196Italy +39 0694803473Netherlands +31 202410935
Spain +34 911239029Switzerland +41 315280673UK +44 2033184706
Germany +49 21138789845Portugal +351 308802418 
Customer Care Team Fax details: +32 10 750 605

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TheraSphere is a registered trademark of Theragenics Corporation, used under license by Boston Scientific Medical Device Limited, a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of Boston Scientific Corporation.