Peripheral Imaging Catheter

OptiCross 35 Peripheral Imaging Catheter
OptiCross 35 Peripheral Imaging Catheter
OptiCross 35 Peripheral Imaging Catheter
OptiCross 35 Peripheral Imaging Catheter

The OptiCross 35 peripheral imaging catheter is the latest addition to Boston Scientific’s PI IVUS portfolio. The catheter’s unique design provides exceptional image quality leading to more confident detection and treatment of peripheral disease.

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Product Details

A New Depth of Insight

A New Depth of Insight

OptiCrossTM catheter design uses an exclusive rotating transducer within the catheter body.

This provides a true 360 degree image and the freedom to do multiple runs in one position.

Delivering the secure depth of insight you need.

A New Range of Flexibility

A New Range of Flexibility

The OptiCrossTM catheter platform allows you to navigate straight, tortuous and angled vessels

Optimise the accuracy of IVUS by staying true to the lumen without compromising on vessel shape.

A New Level of Clarity

A new level of clarity

OpticrossTM imaging technology provides a new level of clarity to your IVUS image

Giving you the confidence to accurately assess and guide your procedure and validate your outcome

Clinical Data

The newly published IVUS global consensus study, co-sponsored by Boston Scientific, suggests importance of implementing IVUS into practice in order to optimise procedural outcomes. 

IVUS strongly supported

throughout arterial intervention procedural phases1

IVUS voted appropriate in all procedural phases

for use in iliofemoral-venous interventions1

Read the full consensus >
(registration required)

Product Specifications

OptiCross 35 Peripheral Imaging Catheter 


Transducer Frequency

15 MHz

Order Number


Typical Use

Common & External Iliac, IVC, Femoral, Aorta 

Maximum Diameter Penetration

70 mm

Prep Location


Catheter Telescoping Length

25 cm

Sled Pullback Length

10 cm

Distance from Transducer to Tip

1.0 cm

Guidewire Lumen Length

105 cm

Guidewire Compatibility

≤ 0.035"

Sheath Compatibility (with max wire)

8 F

Crossing Profile

8 F

Entry Profile

6 F

Working Length

105 cm

OPTICROSS 35 illustration

Necessary Equipment

The following are required for use of the OptiCross 35 Peripheral Catheter:


Ordering Information

Product CodeMaterial DescriptionGTIN
H7493932801350OPTICROSS 3508714729997153

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