Guidance System

The AVVIGO Guidance System is the only system that offers the game-changing performance of the COMET II Pressure Guidewire and your choice of physiology modality in a flexible, tablet-based platform.

Product Overview

An easy-to-use, tablet-based platform that seamlessly integrates with the FFR Link and our workhorse COMET™ II Pressure Guidewire to provide a suite of resting and hyperemic physiology measurements.


  • Always ready for your patient, this tablet has an easy-to-use touch screen that starts up in an instant

  • Flexible, set-up configurations for every lab

  • Suite of physiology indices: FFR, DFR, and Pd/Pa

  • SmartMinimum automatically removes artifacts to help you quickly identify the true FFR value

FFR Link

  • Simple bedside mount

  • Compatible with your hemodynamic system

  • Seamless Bluetooth connection with AVVIGO Guidance System

COMET II Pressure Guidewire

  • Optimized rail support for device delivery

  • Free-spinning, quick-release handle

  • One wire for the entire procedure
COMET™ II Pressure Guidewire

Ordering Information

DescriptionRef/Catalog NumberOrderNumber (GTIN) 
AVVIGO™ Docking StationBUN30AVVIGODKSTN191 506 008 604   
AVVIGO™ FV (pole & Dock)BUN30AVVIGOFVPLDK191 506 008 598   
FFR LinkH74955510008 714 729 890 010   
COMET II™  Pressure GuidewireH749393593108 714 729 960 164