Resolution 360™ ULTRA Clip CLINICAL DATA

In a global prospective multi-center randomized controlled study comparingpolypectomy without clipping to prophylactic clipping, results showed clipping significantly reduced post-procedure bleeding from 7.1% to 3.5%.3
Bleeding risk comparison graph
In the clip group, only Resolution and Resolution 360clips were used
Non-pedunculatedcolorectal polyps > 20 mm
N=919 patients randomized withcomplete follow up; N=455 clip groupand N=464 control group (no-clip)
The Resolution™ Clip and Resolution 360™ Clip are indicated for Hemostasis for: Mucosal/sub-mucosal defects <3cm. This study concludes that that the defects thatwere closed were greater than or equal to 2cm. Most that were closed were between 2cm and 4cm, which means some of which were clipped may have been off label.