Resolution 360™ ULTRA Clip

The Resolution 360 Platform now offers standard and wide jaw clips designed to your clinical needs.


Product Details

Designed to deliver the same great performance Resolution 360™ was known for, Resolution 360™ ULTRA Clip is indicated for clip placement within the Gastro-intestinal (GI) tract for the purpose of:
• Endoscopic marking,
• Hemostasis for: Mucosal/sub-mucosal defects < 3 cm, Bleeding ulcers, Arteries < 2 mm, Polyps < 1.5 cm in diameter, Diverticula in the colon, Prophylactic clipping to reduce the risk of delayed bleeding post lesion resection, Anchoring to affix jejunal feeding tubes to the wall of the small bowel.
As a supplementary method, closure of GI tract luminal perforations < 20 mm that can be treated conservatively.


Built on The Resolution 360™ platform, the Resolution 360 ULTRA Clip features a 17mm jaw opening.

Ergonomic Handle

Designed with same tactile and deployment feedback as Resolution 360™ Clip

Rotation Control Knob

Allows for 1 to 1, nurse/technician controlled rotation

Braided Catheter

Allows for 1 to 1, physician controlled rotation enabling faster, more accurate placement for more efficient procedures

Secure locking mechanism

Upon deployment, Resolution 360 ULTRA Clips are designed to lock securely in place for improved retention, which may lead to fewer hospital readmissions and repeat procedures.


 17mm Jaw Opening

jaw comparison


Ordering Information

Resolution Clip
Order Number GTIN Working Length (cm) Clip Opening (mm) Packaging
M00521400 08714729997245 235 17 Box 1
M00521401 08714729997252 235 17 Box 10
M00521402 08714729997269 235 17 Box 20
M00521403 08714729997276 235 17 Box 40