TRUSELECT™ 2.0F Microcatheter
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Selective without sacrifice
TRUSELECT™ is a 2.0 F microcatheter with an 0.021" ID, and the first ever 175 cm length.
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TRUSELECT 3D Animation
TRUSELECT Bern (80°) Tip option
Selective without sacrifice

The unique 2.0F design and 0.021” inner diameter allow physicians to go further in the anatomy, without sacrificing the high flow rates and embolic compatibility you need.


Product Details

Selective Embolisation You Control

TRUSELECT™ microcatheters are engineered with an 0.021” inner diameter within a 2.0F design and the first 175cm length. TRUSELECT™ microcatheters allow physicians to get closer to intended targets without sacrificing flow rates or embolic choices.

Higher Flow Rates

Higher Flow

TRUSELECT™ provides flow rates comparable to conventional 2.4F microcatheters, maintaining visualisation even in small distal anatomy

More Embolic Compatibility

More Embolic Compatibility

TRUSELECT™ is compatible with all 0.018” coils, spherical embolics up to 700 μm, and Y-90 products, including TheraSphere™

Extended Radial Lengths

Extended Radial Lengths

TRUSELECT™ introduces the first ever 175cm length microcatheter, ideal for radial access

*Data from TRUSELECT™ DFU comparing to Terumo DFU" before Ordering information

Radial Access

Radial access (TRA) has been shown to offer significant efficiency and cost benefits to hospitals compared to femoral access (TFA), it is the approach most patients would choose1 and allows savings in direct hospital costs per patient2.
Radial Access


Lower bleeding complication rates and related cost1,3


haemostasis2 and easier management of patient access site1-6


post-operative recovery time & shorter length of stay7


workflow efficiencies and reduced staffing needs1,4-6
TRUSELECTTM is the first ever 175cm-long 2.0F microcatheter with a 0.021″ inner diameter that has an extended embolic compatibility, working perfectly with SIRT (Selective Internal Radiation Therapy), all 0.018” coils and spherical embolics up to 700μm.
The increased length also secure protection from radiation to the patients and physicians.

“TRUSELECT™ really is a gamechanger! It has allowed me to move to radial access for all my PAE and HAE patients”

Professor Roberto Iezzi, Interventional Radiologist, Italy

TRUSELECT™ can make a wide variety of cases safer, faster, and better! Learn more about Radial Access with TRUSELECTTM looking at the example protocol procedure by Professor Roberto Iezzi.

Ordering Information

UPN Usable Length (cm) Tip Shape Proximal/distal O.D. (F) Max Burst Rating (PSI) 
M001394101050 105 Straight 2.8/2.0 800
M001394101300 130 Straight
M001394101550 155 Straight
M001394101750 175 Straight
M001394111050 105 Bern
M001394111300 130 Bern
M001394111550 155 Bern
M001394111750 175 Bern


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