Steerable Guidewires

FATHOM™ Steerable Guidewire
FATHOM™ Steerable Guidewire
FATHOM™ Steerable Guidewire
FATHOM™ Steerable Guidewire

The FATHOM Steerable Guidewires combine a nitinol hypotube distal segment with advanced microfabrication technology, creating a design that revolutionizes access of the most tortuous peripheral vasculature.
Now available in NEW lengths and Angled Tip for Fathom-16.

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Fathom® Steerable Guidewires

The FATHOM Steerable Guidewire combines a nitinol hypotube distal segment with advanced proprietary microfabrication technology, resulting in a Guidewire design that revolutionizes the ability to access the most tortuous peripheral vasculature beds. FATHOM is now available in both 0.016" and 0.014" diameters, in a variety of lengths from 140cm to the new 300cm FATHOM-14 Guidewire.

Taking Fathom to NEW Angled Tip and Radial Lengths

  • FATHOM-16 is available in 140, 180 cm and now in NEW lengths 200 and 215 cm with both 10 and 20 cm distal tips
  • Both 0.016” (0.41 mm) and 0.014” (0.36 mm) are available in a pre-shaped tip designed to help access the most difficult anatomy

Turn-for-Turn Torque Control

  • Diamond-cut nitinol hypotube is designed to transmit turn-for-turn torque control to enhance responsiveness and maneuverability
  • Lubricious coating on the distal segment and PTFE coating on the stainless steel segment intended to facilitate guidewire placement and catheter tracking

Enhanced Visualization, Tip Shapeability and Flexibility

  • Platinum-tungsten shapeable distal tip is engineered to achieve accurate placement while maintaining tip shape memory
  • Variable stiffness along the length of the wire balances flexibility without compromising rail support
Fathom™ Steerable Guidewire's Microfabrication Technology

Precise Steerability

Fathom™ Steerable Guidewire precise steerability