A portfolio that is designed to simplify tasks and increase efficiency1-6,10

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Stone retrieval can account for approximately 20% of total flexible ureteroscopy procedure time.7

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In one study, approximately 20% of surgical errors were attributed to a staff member’s difficulty performing a specific technique or procedure.8*

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Surgeon and assistant miscommunication with the use of the device in the operating room may lead to healthcare mistakes.4-6,9

Discover how to streamline basketing from start to finish with our kidney stone product portfolio3,10


LithoVue™ Single-Use Flexible Ureteroscope

Eliminates the risk of infection associated with ineffective reprocessing of reusable scopes.12

LithoVue™ Single-Use Flexible Ureteroscope

LithoVue EmpowerTM Retrieval Deployment Device

Turns a two-person task into a one-person operation, eliminating the chance of surgeon and assistant miscommunication with the use of the device during a stone procedure.10

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DakotaTM​ Nitinol Stone Retrieval Basket​

 Designed to give you the power to capture, position and remove multiple stones of varying size and complexity —all in a single procedure.

LithoVue Empower™

Retrieval Deployment Device

LithoVue Empower turns a two-person task into a one-person operation, eliminating the chance of surgeon and assistant miscommunication with the use of the device during stone basketing.10

Retrieve stones single-handedly without compromising time

A bench study demonstrated that stone basketing time with LithoVue Empower™ was similar to basketing with two surgeons and significantly improved compared to single-surgeon basketing.LithoVue Empower permits stone capture by a single surgeon without sacrificing efficiency.3

Physicians can basket alone

In a bench study, LithoVue Empower has a similar muscular workload to traditional two-person basketing.3

Understanding LithoVue Empower™ with Dr. Amelia Pietropaolo

ADVANTICS™ ezPro    

Digital solution

Giving organisations insight and control of procedure cost management through advanced digital innovation. Gain control of your inventory, simplify invoicing, and achieve digital visibility on procedure cost management.

We can help you overcome your current management challenges


Clinical staff are often overloaded by stock management activities. This issue is compounded by the challenging task of managing product traceability for regulatory compliance, which often results in suboptimal stock levels.


Orders and invoicing management  with the lack of clarity on product consumption vs invoicing requires significant administrative efforts. 


The lack of capabilities to seamlessly monitor contract performance and profitability presents challenges in controlling and predicting the cost per patient.

Enabling control and automation of your consignment and procedure cost management

  • Manage the entire stock lifecycle, from cycle counting to stock replenishment. Spend less time for inventory management and ensure more focus on patients
  • Generate proforma invoices with simplified invoicing
  • Allow visibility on contract and procedure cost management
Please contact us to see how we can assist you and your hospital in managing expenses and optimise inventory management

*Study of surgical flow and relationship to surgical errors in cardiovascular surgery setting. Calculation performed by Boston Scientific using published study data: 28 errors due to team having difficulty with the procedure or technique, out of 61 errors not immediately noticed plus 87 immediately noticed = 28/(61+87) = 18.9%.


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