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​What do  your peers say?

What do your peers say about Boston Scientific medical devices?

Many urologists use our stone technologies. Listen to some of them as they share their experience and why they use them. 

Prof. Daniel Pérez-Fentes, Urologist at University Hospital Complex St. Jacques de Compostelle, Spain

Prof. Daniel Pérez-Fentes describes the features of a user friendly percutaneous needle that meets the surgical needs of endourologists.

 NaviGuide TM Percutaneous Access Needle fulfils all the requirements according to Prof. Pérez-Fentes. For instance, it has been designed to "accurately track and guide placement using fluoroscopy or ultrasound imaging", among many other features that make it the "ideal needle" for him. Watch the video to hear more information.

Dr. Silvia Proietti, Urologist at San Raffaele Hospital, Milan, Italy

Dr Silvia Proietti, a urologist at San Raffaele Hospital, shares her experience with kidney stone extractions using the Zero Tip™ Nitinol Stone Retrieval Basket in various complex clinical scenarios. 

According to Dr Proietti, Zero Tip is useful in the ureter, kidney, urinary tract, and bladder, as it facilitates "stone disengagement even in difficult endourological scenarios," she says. Moreover, she believes that the tipless design "is less traumatic in both the ureter and the renal collecting system“.


Prof. Marianne Brehmer,  Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

Prof. Marianne Brehmer shares her experience with Dakota™ Nitinol Stone Retrieval Device with OpenSure™ Handle.

She explains that it can be used "in tight spaces, like a tight ureter, the stone fragments can be captured from below the stone. The fragment can also easily be relieved from the basket if the ureter is too tight to bring it out. In the renal pelvis, stone fragments located at the bottom of a calyx can be captured by pushing the very flexible basket towards the stone while closing it."


Prof. Bhaskar Somani, University Hospital Southampton, UK  

Prof. Bhaskar Somani from the University Hospital Southampton in the UK shares his experiences with Sensor™ Nitinol Guidewire with Hydrophilic Tip. Prof. Somani calls Sensor a “gold standard in hybrid guidewires thanks to its versatility”.

He explains why “versatility and reliability are key characteristics for a guidewire used in stone cases.” He also shares his experience with a large impacted proximal ureteric stone case when a Sensor guidewire helped to bypass this stone and successfully close the procedure. 


Dr. Amelia Pietropaolo, University Hospital Southampton, UK  

For Dr. Amelia Pietropaolo, to handle and to manoeuvre the stone removal basket autonomously with one hand during a stone      procedure, using LithoVue Empower™ Retrieval Deployment Device, potentially leads to more control. ​

Opening and closing the basket seems intuitively easier to Dr. Pietropaolo than relying on an assistant, who can focus on other aspects of the procedure. Referring to a recent bench study, Dr. Pietropaolo also explains in the video that the individually controlled retrieval system was found to be effective and easy to use among experienced endourologists.1



1. Ventimiglia, E. et al. “Operator-assisted vs self-achieved basketing during ureteroscopy: results from an in vitro preference study.” World J Urol. 39.6(2021):2169-2175.​


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