Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope

Increasing waiting lists is the number one acute concern for endourologists in the current environment. LithoVue is always ready, always available and provides consistent performance even in complex cases1 giving you complete confidence while you manage your patient back-log.
LithoVue™ Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope changes the way you think about flexible ureteroscopy. It delivers detailed high-resolution digital images for high-quality visualization – to help you remove stones quickly, easily, safely and affordably.

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A new scope for every patient

With a new scope every time you open the LithoVue Ureteroscope package, you eliminate the inconsistent performance2-5 and maintenance hassles6-8 associated with reusable scopes. That means no costly scope repairs, no scope maintenance, no scope reprocessing, and no degradation of scope performance over time due to reprocessing.2,8 You and your team no longer need to spend time and money on sterilization. And there are no delays or cancellations due to lack of scope availability.
Instead, you can confidently start each case with a new, high-quality, digital scope that delivers true 270˚ deflection in both directions, as well as image quality that’s comparable to the leading digital reusable scopes – and superior to fiber-optic technology.9 So you can clearly see and confidently treat a wide range of stones and other urological conditions.
Because you have to see it to treat it. The LithoVue Single-Use Ureteroscope delivers detailed, high-resolution digital images– to guide the way during ureteroscopy procedures.