Tailor treatment to your patients

Tailor treatment to your patients

Versatile BPH therapy options for an optimised procedure

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Our versatile BPH portfolio can meet your patients' needs

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Our portfolio offers a choice of BPH therapies so you can provide lasting relief tailored to each patient’s anatomy, health situation and preferences.

Over 1,000,000 patients

across randomised controlled trials, observational studies and clinical practice have been treated with the Boston Scientific BPH portfolio.¹


It comprises a number of therapeutic modalities, including:


National and international guidelines currently support the use
of these technologies:

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The American Urology Association

includes GreenLightTM, holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) and RezūmTM in its guidance.10

The European Association of Urology

recommends GreenLight and HoLEP for use in men with moderate-to-severe lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) as an alternative to transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). Rezūm is currently under investigation.11

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

has published positive guidance on Rezūm, supporting the case for adopting it as a BPH treatment.12

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is a non-departmental public body that provides guidance and advice to improve health and social care in England and Wales.


Across the board, multiple measurements have been used to
thoroughly test our BPH portfolio

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Evaluating efficacy

Evaluating efficacy

Key measures used in clinical trials include:*

  • AUASS measures the severity of BPH-associated symptoms13
  • IPSS is a modification of AUASS which looks at the patient’s perception of the problem11
  • Qmax evaluates the maximum urinary flow rate11

Multiple studies across the Boston Scientific BPH portfolio have shown durable symptom resolution with significant improvement in IPSS, AUASS and Qmax scores following treatment through 5 years.3–5,14,15

In addition to these symptomatic improvements, GreenLight XPS and Rezūm demonstrate low surgical retreatment rates at 5 years, with studies reporting rates of 4.8% and 4.4%, respectively.3,4

Studying safety

Studying safety

Our portfolio modalities also exhibit safety profiles that are at least comparable with the current standard of care.3,4,15 In addition to this, HoLEP is associated with a minimal risk of bleeding complications,20 and Rezūm demonstrates low risk of both erectile dysfunction and impaired ejaculatory function.3
Quantifying QoL and patient satisfaction

Quantifying QoL and patient satisfaction

Quality of Life (QoL) is intrinsically linked to the improvement of symptoms associated with BPH.8 The range of QoL tests used to evaluate our BPH portfolio run the full gamut:*

  • BPHII survey for measuring the effect of urinary problems
  • ICS survey for measuring continence
  • IIEF-5 index for measuring erectile dysfunction
  • QoL-index survey for measuring quality of life

Consistently, improvements in QoL measurements have been shown across the Boston Scientific BPH portfolio,3-5,15,18 with results in patients treated with GreenLight XPS and Rezūm maintained at 5 years.3-5,14

In addition to these QoL benefits, patient satisfaction for GreenLight XPS and HoLEP has been shown to be extremely high, ranging from 88% to 92%.4,19

* Not all efficacy and quality of life measures were included in the clinical trials for each product in the Boston Scientific BPH portfolio.

Boston Scientific’s value offering supports you in
providing quality care for your patients

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While our portfolio offers durable and effective treatment options to suit the majority of patients,3-5,14,15 other treatment modalities may also be appropriate in certain cases. Find more information about them here.