BPH care is advancing

BPH care is advancing

With better-informed patients, dialogue becomes a
cornerstone of treatment selection.

When you talk to your BPH patients, what factors do
you consider and discuss?

The treatment selection paradigm in BPH is evolving

Across Europe, millions of men suffer from BPH.1 Therapy has traditionally included pharmaceutical interventions and surgical treatments.2

However, as new options become available and patients seek to be more involved in the decision-making process, is there a need for a shift in the treatment selection paradigm?

“…it is important to discuss the whole range of options available to them. We have a duty to do this…
It is our responsibility to encourage a two-way dialogue with our patients to understand the right treatment for them at that given time.”
- Prof. Richard Hindley
The treatment selection  paradigm in BPH is evolving
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A versatile portfolio that can meet your patients’ needs3-9

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While many BPH patients share certain characteristics, each one has a unique set of traits and needs. Each person has hopes and concerns, related to the treatment.

Each individual has different priorities in improving their current quality of life.
A versatile portfolio that can meet your patients’ needs

Proven to provide durable BPH symptom relief with sustained QoL benefits10-16

From water vapour to laser, the versatile therapies of the Boston Scientific BPH portfolio have complementary capabilities.

They also offer technical agility, allowing you to adapt to your patient’s needs and reach a shared treatment decision, based on their prostate anatomy and potential clinical comorbidities.

So far, over a million patients have benefitted from the Boston Scientific BPH treatment portfolio across RCTs, observational studies, and clinical practice.5,9-13,17-19

The short hospital stay and overall cost saving provided by our portfolio can also aid in efficient resource management for hospitals.12,14,20,21

Boston Scientific’s value offering supports you in providing quality care for your patients

We are passionate about providing physicians with holistic support in delivering the best available patient care.

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