A protected TAVI case

Seeing is believing

Across several studies SENTINEL was shown to capture and remove embolic debris in at least 99% of procedures1.

PERCENTAGE of patients with debris capture

Patients with captured debris percentages

SENTINEL Safety Profile 

Modern TAVI requires safety, efficiency & ease of use. With SENTINEL you can protect your patients without compromising any of these.

Four minutes Icon

Median deployment time to place both filters

Nine ten Icon

Anatomies covered with one size

Ninety four percent Icon

Safe & effective device delivery & retrival 

Zero point one percent Icon

Low complication rates of vascular access site

Stroke Donation Campaign 2022

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It doesn’t matter whether you have a regular or bovine anatomy, with SENTINEL'S versatile profile you can protect almost every TAVI patient.

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SENTINEL deployment in regular and complex anatomies 

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Device Introduction & Regular Anatomy

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Bovine anatomy with high take-off

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Bovine anatomy with low take-off

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With Sentinel and ACURATE neo2 you can treat safely and efficiently your patients.

With ACURATE neo2 you achieve a faster, leaner and more efficient TAVI*¹⁺²

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Ninety seven point five percent Icon

3.9 min

97.5 %

Average Device Usage Time1,2

High Procedural Success1,2

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