Every patient deserves to be protected

Stroke is the #1 fear of patients undergoing TAVI

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Suffering Stroke 

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Risk of Dying

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Having General Anesthesia

Any stroke can be devastating

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78% of patients identify maintaining independence and being able to perform daily activities as their primary goals following a TAVI procedure*


 The rates are underestimated. But the effects are impossible to ignore.

In collaboration with Cardiovascular News we developed 2 complementary articles on TAVI related stroke & CEP

Article #1: "No stroke is innocent":Why stroke matters for TAVI patients

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3 European Stroke Associations are raising awareness on stroke impact on patients, families & society.

Article #2: Keeping stroke at bay for patients undergoing TAVI

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Prof. Ole de Backer & Dr. Vlasis Ninios reflect on the clinical importance of stroke and the consideration of CEP in TAVI.

The facts of Stroke in Europe

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  • >70,000. TAVI procedures in Europe
  • 1500- 3000. TAVI strokes/year in Europe
  • 975. disabling  strokes/year in Europe

"It is estimated that for a patient suffered a disabling stroke, social & economic cost in the first year post event can be up to 50.000€“

Discover the impact of disabling stroke for healthcare system & society

Any Stroke is one too many

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Stroke can devastate patients and their families. Even minor cognitive events can result in significant negative consequences on their quality of life.

While major strokes are clinically apparent, there are many subtle, often undetected signs and symptoms of post-TAVI strokes that can have far-reaching effects and go clinically unrecognized.

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 * Coylewright M, Palmer R, O’Neil E, et al., Patient-defined goals for the treatment of severe aortic stenosis: A qualitative analysis. Health Expect. Oct 2016:19(5): 1-36-1043

1. Cardiovascular News, 2023, “No stroke is innocent”: Why stroke matters for TAVI patients, April 2023.

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