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Peripheral Embolisation

Setting Standards. Exceeding Expectations. Expanding Possibilities in Embolisation.

We’re working with you to drive innovation in embolisation and beyond. Each case is different with unique challenges, but with every patient you know you need to act quickly with solutions you can trust.

Efficiency Performance
Here you can view real-world case studies using our proven embolisation technology.
Interventional radiologists around the world rely on our precisely engineered Interlock and IDC detachable coils, built to exacting specifications. The breadth and depth of our portfolio allows for the selection of exact shape and size of coils to best meet the embolisation challenge you face. Find the right coil for every case based on the size of the vessel you need to embolise.

With Trauma Embolisation, time is everything! You need to stop the hemorrhage fast using the right embolic and the right technique to ensure effective occlusion of the bleeding vessel with a lasting result.

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Pelvic pain can be caused by a wide variety of debilitating conditions, including pelvic congestion syndrome, uterine fibroids in women and benign prostatic hyperplasia in men. Embolisation procedures can have a transformational impact on patients’ quality of life in terms of symptom and pain relief.

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Interlock™ coils allow you to tailor a unique solution for each of your Endoleak patients using our highly thrombogenic InterlockTM 18 and 35 coils. Interlock™ coils are backed by evidence, giving you confidence that you are selecting a safe, effective and cost-effective solution every time.


Our access and delivery solutions navigate you exactly where you need to go.
TRUSELECT is the latest selective 2F microcatheter in our range of microcathethers. Ideal for radial access, it combines 2F selectivity with exceptional flow rates (comparable to 2.4F catheters), to deliver your embolic exactly where it’s needed.

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