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Left main bifurcation in elderly patient at high risk of bleeding

A case imaging presented by Dr. S. Watkins, who illustrates how to do a culotte bifurcation technique with a step by step approach, presenting unique bench views of the stent deployment. The use of IVUS and the choice of the stent to use can help achieve successful outcomes in the treatment of Left Main bifurcations in complex high risk patient (CHIP).

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IncathLab Live Case: New fundamentals and perspectives in coronary stenting

A panel of experts show how to master complex lesions and manage complications, by comparing different techniques and discussing the choice of devices.  Watch this web symposium to improve your knowledge on coronary angioplasty and learn more about the best approach strategies you can adopt.
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Treat complex lesions with the new WOLVERINE™ Cutting Balloon

Coronary cutting balloon is intended for opening coronary arteries in those circumstances where a resistant lesion is encountered and unable to be opened with traditional balloon angioplasty.  

The new WOLVERINE™ Cutting Balloon combines a proprietary atherotome and low pressure balloon design to directly address complex lesions and complications.

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