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PCR Edu Online: How to treat patients with undilatable/calcified coronary artery lesions

PCR Edu Online Course: Video presentation

An educational webcast from PCR Edu Online  to learn how to treat patients with undilatable and calcified coronary artery lesions using the Rotational Atherectomy System. Watch the video presentation and join the course.

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InCathlab Live Case: a safe plaque modification at Bournemouth Hospital

InCathlab Live Case from Bournemouth Hospital

A Rotational Atherectomy Live Case to master a safe plaque modification with a step-by-step procedure: from setting up the system to practical procedural recommendations. Watch the video and compare techniques and approach strategies of different experts.

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Learning with clinical case: Master plaque modification to treat diffused calcified lesions with IVUS support

Prof. Sławomir Dobrzycki (Białystok, Poland) illustrates the need for OPTICROSS™ Coronary Imaging Catheter and ROTABLATOR™ Rotational Atherectomy System to treat long diffused calcified lesions.
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