Does multi-sensor prediction of heart-failure facilitate crt optimisation?

Does multi-sensor
prediction of heart-failure
facilitate crt optimisation?

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Chairperson: Prof. Cecilia Linde (Stockholm,Sweden)


HeartLogic Heart Failure Diagnostic

Introducing HeartLogic, the only FDA-approved heart failure diagnostic based on multiple physiological measurements from an implantable ICD or CRT-D that can send you proactive notification of worsening heart failure weeks in advance.1 Making it your recommendation could make a big difference in the lives of your patients.
Healthcare Economics

The Impact of Heart Failure on Quality of Life and Healthcare Economics

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Physician Perspectives

physician perspectives

“It’s a preemptive strike. If we can change the course so that they have a smoother course, fewer symptoms, fewer hospitalizations, that’s much better for the patients. It’s much better for the healthcare systems.”

John P. Boehmer, MD


How HeartLogic Works

Multiple Sensors to Help Triage Your Patients
The HeartLogic Heart Failure Diagnostic uses multiple sensors to track physiological trends, combines them into one composite index and sends proactive alerts of potential worsening heart failure.1
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Featured Clinical Data

Results From the MultiSENSE Study

Results From the MultiSENSE Study:

HeartLogic Multisensor Algorithm Identifies Patients During Periods of Increased Risk of Heart Failure Events.
MultiSense study
Increase Efficiencies. Improve Lives.

Increase Efficiencies. Improve Lives.

See how HeartLogic may help you increase clinic efficiencies, reduce hospital readmissions and improve patient outcomes.


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