Patient Management System

LATITUDE™ Wireless Communicator

As implanted device patients are living longer and the amount of available patient and device data keeps growing larger, remote monitoring has become the standard of care1. The LATITUDE NXT Remote Patient Management System lets you monitor your patients’ device data between scheduled appointments for improved efficiency and better patient care.

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Product Details

The LATITUDE NXT Remote Patient Management System combines a Communicator, secure website and optional weight scale and blood pressure monitor to help you monitor your cardia device patients remotely via wireless interrogations.

Additionally, the myLATITUDE patient app is showing basic information about the status of the LATITUDETM Communicator and the assigned implanted Boston Scientific device, providing the patient with:

  • Peace of mind that the LATITUDE Communicator is working
  • Answers to common questions about the implanted cardiac device
  • Setup and troubleshooting for the LATITUDE Communicator

LATITUDE NXT supports the HeartLogic™ Heart Failure Diagnostic – the first and only heart failure diagnostic in an implantable device that has been validated to have high sensitivity, the ability to provide weeks of advanced notice, and low alert burden for detecting indications of worsening heart failure2. Insight that stays a beat ahead.

The LATITUDE NXT Communicator


  • Is simple and intuitive due to its sleek design and graphic user-interface
  • Conducts hands-free, automatic, daily alert checks and scheduled interrogations
  • Interrogates the patient's device on a schedule set by the clinic

The LATITUDE weight scale and blood pressure monitor

  • Part of Boston Scientific’s ICD, CRT-D and CRT-P system
  • Provides in-home monitoring of weight and blood pressure
  • Easy for patients to set up and use
  • Weight and blood pressure readings are available to review along other device-based health information on the Heart Failure Management Report.
  • Optional configurable weight alert helps you identify the patients who may need extra attention

The LATITUDE NXT website


  • Gives you convenient online access to your pacemaker patient device and cardiac health information
  • Carries forward key features from today's trusted LATITUDE System
  • Provides quick access to important information such as device battery life, lead performance and patient arrhythmias
  • Offers you greater influence over how your receive, review and manage Boston Scientific device patients, including:
    • Simplifies user management
    • The ability to organize your patients in Patient Groups that work for your practice
    • Online transfers and deactivations
    • Daily notifications for red and yellow alert conditions with the option of receiving alerts via SMS Text or email

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