Procedures & Treatments

Boston Scientific partners with GYN surgeons to offer the versatility to choose the right technology and delivery mode for individual patient care. A comprehensive suite of various laser system modalities and surgical tools are available and can be selected according to the surgeon’s preference and addressable indications.

CO₂ Laser Systems

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Laser products to assist GYN surgeons during surgical procedures.

UltraPulse™ DUO CO2 Laser System

The system enables incision, excision, ablation and coagulation of soft tissues, and is designed for operating on delicate anatomy, for a broad spectrum of surgical specialties, including laryngology, head and neck, otology and otolaryngology and gynecology.

AcuPulse™ DUO CO2 Laser System

The AcuPulse DUO CO2 Laser System is a combination of fiber and free-beam energy delivery, on a single device. The system is available in 30W/40W models, with or without the SurgiTouch™ Scanner.

Laser Fibers & Accessories

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Lasers and accessories designed for the surgical and medical management of Gynecological conditions.

Reusable and Single-Use Fibers for CO2 Lasers

The CO2 laser fibers are designed to be used for a wide variety of specialties including otolaryngology, head & neck, otology and gynecology.

CO2 Laser Accessories for Gynecology

The CO2 product line offers different modalities and surgical tools for numerous gynecology indications, including endometriosis, myomectomy, adhesiolysis and ovarian cystectomy. Surgeons have the versatility to choose the suitable technology and delivery mode: fiber or free-beam, per their preferences, patient anatomy and required treatment.