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Overcoming procedural challenges with ​
Boston Scientific solutions​

Endoscopic resection procedures could prevent 1 in 4 colorectal surgeries with a safe outpatient procedure. Due to their complex nature, they require considerable training and experience to achieve optimal performance. Boston Scientific’s solutions help address procedural challenges and provide clear benefits to patients.

Procedure set up  Challenges

Procedure set up Challenges 

How can you ease preparation and increase productivity?

procedure challenges
Procedure challenge


How can you effectively resect larger lesions in endoscopy​?

post endoscopic tissue resection procedure

Post Procedure​ Challenges

How can you adhere to scope reprocessing and minimize the risk of cross contamination?

post procedure
Commercial Solutions
commercial solutions

Commercial Solutions

How can you control costs and provide financial and operational benefits?


Procedure Set Up


compliance endo kit

Compliance EndoKit™

Comprised of pre- and post-procedure components designed to comply with industry guidelines, mitigate cross-contamination risk and reduce variability during endoscope reprocessing.



Resection Solutions

Captivator™ COLD Single-use Snare

Captivator™ COLD Single-use Snare

In some instances, thermal injury from hot snaring can lead to delayed haemorrhage, a much bigger problem than an immediate haemorrhage. 

Captivator™ COLD Single-use Snare is designed for effective resection of flat lesions and diminutive polyps, allowing physicians better control and visualization at every stage of the procedure.

Captivator™ COLD Single-use Snare

Captivator™ II Single-Use Snares

One size does not fit all, and having the right size, shape, and stiffness can be critical to procedures. 

The Captivator™ II Single-Use Snares are the first line of stiff and rounded snares, with hot and cold snaring indications. They are available in a variety of size options, helping manage different polyp types.

Closure Solution

Resolution 360™ ULTRA Clip

Resolution 360™ ULTRA Clip

Some patients may require re-hospitalisation because of delayed bleeding post endoscopic tissue resection. 

Upon deployment, Resolution 360 ULTRA Clips are designed to lock securely in place for improved retention, which may lead to fewer hospital readmissions and repeat procedures. The 17 mm opening allowing more tissue to be grasped compared to Resolution 360™.



sponge yellow bowl

Infection Prevention Products

It’s essential that endoscopes are cleaned thoroughly and correctly disinfected after each use to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and infections between patients.

The Boston Scientific Infection Prevention portfolio of products is designed to provide the components needed to comply with industry guidelines, mitigate cross-contamination risk, and reduce variablility during endoscope reprocessing.

ETR Commercial Programs


Boston Scientific Endoscopy delivers commercial solutions founded on the principals of partnership, innovation, and value, evolving the way we commercially interact and commit with you. The ETR Commercial Packages provide tailored solutions combining financial and operational benefits that allows Boston Scientific Endoscopy to partner with purchasers and clinicians and support them on achieving their practice and management goals.




Clinical Considerations for  Endoscopic Tissue Resection

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