Seamless Data Integration

Empowering Insight-Driven Patient Care

As the amount of available patient and device data continues to grow, it’s more important than ever to have easy access to the critical insights you need to make the best treatment decisions. The LATITUDE patient management portfolio provides an integrated data management solution to ensure you have the right data, at the right time, in the right place.

More Efficient Workflow

The LATITUDE Link™ Data Management System and LATITUDE™ NXT EMR Integration are designed to increase productivity, improve patient outcomes and help you:

  • Access a complete picture of your patients’ cardiac health in one place to ensure insight-driven treatment decisions
  • Spend less time on paperwork and more time focusing on the patients who need your clinical expertise the most
  • Share critical information with other clinicians for more coordinated, effective and efficient patient care

Streamlined Data Integration

By providing convenient access to the data you need—when and where you need it—our data integration solutions offer a variety of benefits for your patients and practice:

Promotes legible, complete and up-to-date information for all members of your patients’ care team

Helps ensure accurate coding and billing

Reduces labor, equipment and material costs associated with paper documentation

Secure Data Transfer

Boston Scientific employs industry-leading data security practices to ensure the availability, privacy and integrity of patient information:

  • Strict username and password guidelines restrict access to patient health information stored in the LATITUDE Link™ Viewer App 
  • One-way Bluetooth® communication from Boston Scientific programmers to the hospital or clinic PC employs connection confirmation prior to transferring patient data
  • Patient information is securely transferred using AES encryption

Data Integration Products

Discover how the LATITUDE portfolio of products helps you securely and efficiently transfer patient and device data, save time, reduce the reliance on paper and automate your workflow.

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