Efficient Patient Management. Better Clinical Outcomes.

LATITUDE Patient Management Solution

As the amount of cardiac device and patient data clinicians are responsible for managing continues to grow, effective care goes beyond selecting a device at implant. It requires that tools are in place to support your practice and patients at every point of care.

From the implant procedure to remote monitoring the LATITUDE portfolio of patient management solutions work together to help you improve patient outcomes, increase clinical efficiencies and seamlessly transfer data to your electronic medical record (EMR).

Improved Implant Experience

From optimizing lead placement to making programming changes, get the critical insights you need to make better, quicker decisions during the implant procedure and ensure your patients are getting the right therapy.

Remote Patient Management Improves Patients’ Lives

The LATITUDE™ NXT Remote Patient Management System provides automatic, daily monitoring to improve the quality of care you provide your cardiac device patients while increasing clinical efficiencies and offering convenience for patients.

Enhanced Clinic Workflow. Better Patient Care.

Streamline your clinic workflow, get convenient access to patient data and diagnostics, increase patient satisfaction and quickly determine the right course of treatment with the LATITUDE portfolio of solutions designed for clinical settings.

Seamless Data Integration

The LATITUDE Link™ Data Management System seamlessly transfers patient cardiac health and device data into your EMR or device management system to help automate your workflow and give you the information you need—when and where you need it.

Patient Management Products

The products in our patient management portfolio work together to improve the implant experience, simplify the monitoring of cardiac device patients, increase clinical efficiencies, and provide tools to ensure you and your patients stay connected.


LATITUDE NXT Remote Patient Management System

LATITUDE™ Programming System, Model 3300

LATITUDE Link Data Management System

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