LATITUDE™ Programming System

Model 3300

Seamless Patient Data Management

With the large amount of patient and device data available today, having the right information at the right time and place is critical for you to provide the best care possible. The LATITUDE LinkTM Data Management System seamlessly transfers patient and device data from the programmer into your electronic medical record (EMR) and/or device management system.  This enables you to make better, faster decisions when caring for your patients.
Data Management Screen

Convenient. Efficient. Secure.

LATITUDE Link offers one convenient data management solution for all Boston Scientific devices to help you automate your workflow and provide better patient care.

  • Seamlessly transfers patient health information from the programmer via Bluetooth™ connection, USB drive or microSDTM card to your hospital or clinic PC, and then automatically uploads the data into the patient record within your EMR or device management system
  • Features two free software downloads: LATITUDE Link Import Utility and LATITUDE Link Viewer App 
  • Allows you to easily print reports via your network printer from the LATITUDE Link Viewer App
  • Offers AES encryption for secure patient data transfer
Product Overview

Product Overview

Discover how this portable programming system helps you interrogate, monitor and program Boston Scientific cardiac devices.



Find out how our expanded connectivity options offer greater flexibility for managing and transferring patient data.