Program Overview


  • Provide support for researchers to conduct investigator sponsored original research that is of interest to Boston Scientific and the medical community.
  • Allow Boston Scientific to address an important need of researchers by funding studies in their specific areas of interest and expertise.
  • Allow academic and community physicians and researchers to: 
    - Participate in expanding clinical and scientific knowledge 
    - Improve the understanding of Boston Scientific products or applied biomedical research 
    - Gather and analyze data for publication

Research Committees

Each Boston Scientific division provides a multi-functional committee consisting of experts in science, clinical applications, regulatory, corporate strategy, finance, law, and other areas as applicable. In the case of the CRV division, there are separate research committees reviewing studies focusing on interventional cardiology, cardiac rhythm management, and peripheral vascular disease. The Research Committees:

  • Receive and review study proposals generated by investigators
  • Approve partnerships that would be mutually beneficial for patients, researchers and Boston Scientific
  • Work with the sponsor of approved research to develop a research agreement and capture relevant results.

Studies Generally Supported by Boston Scientific

  • Investigator-sponsored human subject and non-human subject studies involving populations benefiting from Boston Scientific products.
  • Studies with expected completion and publication dates within one to two years from initiation are preferred.
  • Research in specific areas of interest to Boston Scientific divisions (see main ISR page for current list).

Global ISR Website

We maintain a Global ISR website that supports investigators through their research projects.

  • Allows investigators to submit research proposals
  • Provides a web-enabled database
  • Tracks project progress
  • Enables open communication between investigators and the Boston Scientific ISR team at each step, including:
    - study submission, review, and approval/rejection
    - study progress (milestone based) 
    - study completion 
    - publication

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