Summer Internship Programme

Boston Scientific offers multiple college placements across all our functions. These placements are for 6 or 8 months. You can apply directly through your course coordinator or directly to Boston Scientific Clonmel, Talent Acquisition team.

Want to find out more? Please read what our current Coops have to say

Andrea Baker, PD Summer Student (returning as Co-op 2023)

My name is Andrea Baker, I am studying Biomedical Engineering in MTU in Cork. I am thoroughly enjoying the course and intend on having a career as an Engineer. An amazing opportunity for Summer Internships with Boston Scientific Clonmel was advertised through MUT. I applied for the position and went through an interview process. I was successful in securing a position and I was delighted to accept.
During this internship I worked closely with many engineers and got a great insight into what my future career holds. I had full support from the engineers on site. I also got to understand the full process of how medical devices are made such as defibrillators and pacemakers. The project I mainly worked on was a Fluid Management System, I enjoyed watching and helping out with the builds as I learned all about the components and the process. I hope to do my final project on some aspect of this project and I intend to return next year for my Co-Op, which I am very excited about it. This Summer Internship was a great opportunity to kick start my career and get me in the door with such a great company.
I have now completed the internship where I gained real hands-on experience, developed my knowledge and skills. I am delighted to be returning to Boston Scientific on a Coop Placement in 2023.

Alan Quigley – Summer Student 2022

Working with the Boston Scientific team in Clonmel gave me a chance to see how medical devices are produced and tested prior to release to patients. I gained experience working in the Material Science laboratory, and this gave me a brilliant opportunity to see how carefully each component of a device is examined before they reach the patients.

The scope of testing within the laboratory is impressive and gave me a deeper understanding of the importance of a Patient Centric approach to laboratory testing and how my work can have a positive effect on patient’s lives.

The friendly working environment in Boston Scientific made it very easy for me to feel welcome and part of the BSC community and I look forward to applying the knowledge I have gained as I further my career.