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As an employer we know that to get the best, we have to give the best. That is why our Graduate Programme is committed to giving each graduate a variety of experience within our organisation and structured on the job training. Boston Scientific’s (Clonmel) Rotational graduate program is the perfect opportunity for an ambitious person to gain exceptional experience in a large manufacturing multinational that will highly benefit their future career and complement his/her studies.

During the Programme, graduates will have the opportunity to work on cutting edge technology in a state-of-the-art facility with the most up to date equipment and technology. At Boston Scientific Clonmel, we can offer graduates a rotational position which provides exposure in a variety of functions.

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Caoimhe Murphy (Rotational Graduate)

I moved to Cork from Limerick and started the rotational programme in September 2019. I had just completed a degree in Biomedical Engineering in the University of Limerick. 

Starting off in the quality function helped me gain knowledge of Boston Scientific's quality management system, which is the foundation for medical device production. You quickly get to grips first-hand the importance of putting the patient first when making daily decisions. I gained experience in problem solving structures, day to day running of the business and vastly improved on my presentation skills. By the end of my first rotation I held the responsibility of QE in CRE. 

I am now nearly half-way through my manufacturing graduate rotation. Here we focus on yield improvement, cost savings and efficiency projects, while promoting quality to the fore. It's therefore an advantage to have quality experience as an ME, especially when bringing in new changes to a manufacturing line as you have a better understanding of the impact your change may have. I got the opportunity to take on a large project early on in my rotation. Here I gained experience in lean manufacturing, finish good design improvements, project implementation and time management.

Outside of the day to day role I have joined the Young Professional Network (YPN). The YPN provides support and training for young adults in Boston Scientific. Joining the YPN was a great way to meet new friends outside of my immediate workplace. They are so many great events like the 'How to be an Adult Series', raising money for charity and some brilliant guest speakers. The workplace is adapting quickly to these strange times now and I am hopeful that when I have finished my graduate rotation that I'll be all the stronger for it in for whatever the future holds.

Fiona Hunt (Rotational Graduate)

I am doing the Rotational Graduate Program in Boston Scientific, Cork. I studied Biotechnology in University College Cork and I graduated in 2019.

I applied to Boston Scientific as it was known to have a well-established and successful graduate program. It offers a challenging and stimulating workplace and allows you to gain experience across different departments/functions such as Production, Quality and Engineering, through a combination of applied learning and hands-on cleanroom experience.

I started the two-year graduate program in September 2019. My first rotation was Production. This was an 8-month period as a Production Team Lead. The Production Team Lead is responsible for the day to day running of assembly lines while adhering to all safety standards. It allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills as well as gain experience in a leadership role. It involved making critical decisions based on business demands and service requirements.

I am currently in my second rotation as a Quality Engineer. A Quality Engineer works within the team to guarantee the overall quality of the manufactured product. The team are responsible for creating quality procedures and documentation which ensure that the final products are safe, reliable and meet customer expectations. They play a key role in fixing issues that arise on the line while also concentrating on preventing future issues.

Boston Scientific equips you with a high level and deep understanding of how the medical device industry functions and allows you to gain valuable experience across each department. I have enjoyed my time in Production and Quality, and I look forward to my next rotation as a Manufacturing Engineer

Jenny Laffan (Rotational Graduate)

In June 2019, I joined the Materials Department in Boston Scientific on a 6-month co-op placement as part of my Masters in Managerial Information and Managerial Accounting Systems.

While I was on placement, I was informed that there was a new 23-month graduate role in development in BSC Cork with the graduate gaining experience in the Materials, Finance and Global Sourcing Departments. I applied for this role and in January 2020 I started this graduate program.

I began in the Materials Department and I was responsible for running reports such as the Expiry, IQC, WIP, Backorder etc. I also took over a new purchasing portfolio.

I have recently rotated into the Finance Department and I am finding it extremely interesting. It has given me a thorough understanding of how accountants operate within a manufacturing environment.

Since rotating over to Finance I have discovered just how interlinked the Materials and Finance Departments are.

The experience I have gained and knowledge I have learned thus far has been unbelievable. This Graduate Role is so unique and the experience I have gained and will gain is next to none. It is such a rare opportunity to gain experience in all three of these departments. What’s more is that these departments are so interlinked that when you rotate over you discover that you know a lot more than you realise.

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