Direct Access Sheath

• Uncoated for Increased Stability
• Multiple markers for Enhanced Visualization
• Reduced length for Improved Control


Product Advantages

Simplifying Alternative Access

  • Increased stability
  • Uncoated sheath helps stabilize the sheath during procedure
BOLT™ Direct Access Sheath Simplifying Alternative Access

Enhanced visualization

  • 2 external distal depth markers to guide placement
  • Distal radiopaque marker for accurate positioning under fluoroscopy
2 external distal depth markers
  • Reduced length: 20 cm length for direct access procedures
  • Shorter dilator tip for atraumatic placement across annulus
  • External markings denoting 20 mm and 40 mm for precise placement


Product Specifications

Sheath Specifications

  • Uncoated
  • Outer Diameter ≤ 0.311 in.; ≤7.9 mm
  • Inner Diameter ≥ 0.281 in.; 7.1 mm
  • Working Length 20.5 cm


Dilator Specifications

  • Working Length 33 cm
  • Outer Diameter ≤0.284 in.; ≤7.3 mm
  • Inner Diameter ≥0.037 in.; 0.93 mm

Ordering Information

Product Number Product Description
H749DAS220 BOLT Direct Access Sheath composed of a dilator and an introducer sheath