Peripheral Thrombectomy Catheter

AngioJet Atrial Catheters
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AngioJet Solent Omni, Proxi and Dista
Power Pulse™ Delivery Animation

Arterial Thrombectomy

AngioJet Thrombectomy removes thrombus burden from arterial vessels as small as 1.5mm - quickly restoring flow and resolving symptoms to enable the culprit lesion to be exposed and treated.

Arterial Catheter Specifications

 Solent OmniSolent Proxi

Solent Dista

System CompatibilityUltraUltraUltra
Vessel Diameter3 mm3 mm1.5 mm
Working Length120 cm90 cm145 cm
Shaft Diameter2 mm2 mm1.33 mm / 1 mm
Guidewire Compatibility0.089 mm0.089 mm0.035 mm
Sheath Compatibility2 mm2 mm
1. 33 mm
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Clinical Data

For Limb Ischemia cases, the PEARL Registry data demonstrated:

  • 89% limb salvage rate 
  • 56% of patients were treated in a single session
  • 80% of procedures were completed in <24 hours

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Presented by Dr. Ali Amin at Charing Cross 2014; Final PEARL Data