Heart Connect™ System

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Video Showing How the Heart Connect System Lets You Share Programmer Screen Information in Real Time
Heart Connect System Video Call Remote User
See How the Heart Connect System Lets You Share Programmer Screen Information in Real Time
Heart Connect System Video Call Remote User

Real-Time. Flexible. Convenient.
Heart Connect™ is designed to help maximise your team productivity by quickly resolving your device questions in real time at the touch of a button.

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Heart Connect can support in the following scenarios, but not limited to:

  • Device check & follow up
  • Troubleshooting & optimisation
  • S-ICD screening
  • Performing MRIs for patients with devices

It enables real-time sharing of clinical expertise across multiple systems and/or clinics.

Device Check & follow up

By instantly sharing programmer screen information with other health care providers or your Boston Scientific representatives, clinics can eliminate bottlenecks resulting in a more efficient follow-up workflow. Clinical teams can then complete more device checks with the same number of staff leading to increased efficiencies and delivering a higher, more focused level of care.

Troubleshooting & optimisation

Receiving real-time guidance from technical experts during programmer use,  Heart Connect can remove the wait for in-person support, meaning clinicians and their teams can now resolve device check queries in real time reducing both clinic and patient wait times. Empowering clinical teams to provide important patient care more efficiently.

S-ICD screening

With Heart Connect™, you can receive real-time online support from technical experts while using the Automated Screening Tool, allowing for a more efficient and autonomous S-ICD patient screening workflow.


Heart Connect can increase the confidence of your MRI staff while decreasing the wait time for patients and providers by having clinical support at the push of a button. Your clinic no longer needs to group all implanted device scans for the times when a representative is on site. Now whenever your team is ready, they simply set up a Heart Connect call to either their Boston Scientific representative or our RhythmCare Team.

Product Details

The Heart Connect System empowers your team to provide important patient care more efficiently for implant, follow-up device checks and satellite clinic locations:

  • Complete device checks in real time, without having to wait for a device expert to arrive onsite*
  • Facilitate sharing of clinical expertise between colleagues during challenging clinical scenarios without the wait, improving the patient’s safety and yours in the process
  • Get ongoing guidance from technical experts during programmer use 
  • Assist in training of clinical staff 
  • Annotate directly on screen 

How the Heart Connect System Works

The Heart Connect System is used to establish an online meeting with desired remote contacts.

Local Users: The Local User uses the Heart Connect application on the Model 3300 LATITUDE Programming System to initiate a meeting with desired remote contacts. Using optional audio and/or video, the Local User communicates with Remote User and initiates the video display sharing of the programmer screen. The Local User should be trained and able to use the programmer independently; they cannot be dependent on the Remote User for basic programming needs.
Remote Users: Remote Users—such as Boston Scientific Technical Services, another clinician or a sales representative—use Heart Connect Remote Software to participate in a meeting on their own computing device. Once signed in, the Remote User can receive meeting calls or join existing meetings.
Our dedicated RhythmCARE team is on standby to recieve your Heart Connect calls in real time.


Contact us via email RhythmCARE_EMEA@bsci.com or via phone:


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Discover how Heart Connect lets you skip the wait and share programmer screen information in real time.

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