Defribrillators Defribrillators

Designed to Benefit Physicians

MINI is designed for a 20% reduction in pocket size when compared to other devices 1-2

mini icd in pocket size
  • Easier to fit for replacements
  • Smaller incision for initial implant
  • Lower risk of pocket-related complication
  • Lower skin pressure
  • More options to offer patients

Designed to Benefit Patients

MINI’s small footprint and thin profile is designed for patient comfort and aesthetic.

Double-blinded ICD Size
Double-­blinded ICD Size & Shape Study:
27 out of 30 ICD patients prefer MINI compared to the smallest devices offered by other manufacturers based on size and thinness.

30 patients with implanted ICDs or CRT‐Ds from various manufacturers, with a mix of ages and genders.

"Seatbelts bother me so much, it makes me more aware of it."'
ICD Patient

To gain a better understanding of the importance of device size, thinness and shape to a patient.