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Vercise™ System
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Accurate Targeting. Precise Control.
Vercise DBS is the first system engineered for precise neural targeting to customize therapy for patients with Parkinson’s disease, primary and secondary dystonia, and essential tremor. The rechargeable system offers unique features including the longest battery life available for DBS therapy and the smallest stimulator footprint.1,2

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Product Description

The Vercise DBS System is designed to offer accurate targeting and precise control to help manage movement disorder symptoms for improved patient quality of life.

Accurate Targeting

With a dedicated power source for each of the 8 electrodes on the lead, the Vercise DBS System enables highly accurate targeting designed to minimize the side effects of unwanted stimulation and maintain therapy over time.

The Vercise lead has a robust multilumen construction with 8 contacts and a broad span.

Precise Control

The Vercise IPG with Multiple Independent Current Control (MICC) has a dedicated power source for each electrode to accurately target and precisely control stimulation.

Patient Focus

The Vercise IPG has a gentle contoured oval shape with the smallest footprint on the market at 20 cm2. 1,2

The Vercise DBS System with unique rechargeable battery technology has a 25 year battery life to help reduce surgical interventions.

Only the Vercise DBS System offers Zero Volt™ Battery Technology. The battery can be completely discharged without causing battery failure or damage - even if the patient forgets to recharge.

The Vercise charging system and remote control are completely cordless and designed to make charging simple. The wireless charging system allows patients to be active while charging.


At Boston Scientific we believe that best-in-class quality is essential to long-term viability of DBS therapy. Through substantial investments in R&D and quality, our engineers invented unique features designed to deliver unmatched reliability and convenience in a simple, rechargeable device.