Expanded Indication: Prophylactic Clipping

The Resolution™ Clip and Resolution 360™ Clip are currently the only hemostasis clips in the US indicated for prophylactic clipping to reduce the risk of delayed bleeding post lesion resection. This expanded indication may further increase the options available for patients.

The Resolution Portfolio of Clips are also indicated for endoscopic marking, closure of GI tract luminal perforations, and anchoring to affix jejunal feeding tubes.*

A retrospective study found that prophylactic clipping of large polypectomy induced ulcers may:

  • reduce delayed bleeds by more than 80%1
  • reduce unnecessary costs by helping patients avoid hospitalization, blood transfusions, repeat colonoscopies and surgical procedures1


Clinical Evidence

“In a retrospective study, clipping polypectomy sites closed after endoscopic resection of large sessile and flat colorectal lesions was associated with a reduced incidence of delayed postpolypectomy bleeding.”1

“The delayed hemorrhage rate was 9.7% in the not clipped group versus 1.8% in the fully clipped group.”1

“Polyps that were not clipped were 4.4 times more likely to have any complications (1.8, 10.9; P = .001) compared with polyps that were completely clipped.”1

“[A]voidance of unnecessary surgical resection of endoscopically removable polyps is another potential cost-savings associated with prophylactic clip closure of large polyp sites, if the availability of clip closure increases rates of endoscopic resection because of decreased fear of complications.”1