INTELLATIP MIFI™ Open-Irrigated (OI)

Multi-Dimensional Ablation Catheter


The INTELLATIP MIFI™ OI Ablation Catheter delivers the critical, multi-dimensional information you need to confidently diagnose and treat complex cardiac arrhythmias and provide the true picture of exactly what is happening at the tip of the ablation catheter in real-time.

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Product Details

True Tip Location. True Tissue Assessment. True Ablation Feedback.

IntellaTip MiFi's Unique Catheter Design
  Tip electrode surface area 30 mm
  Ring electrode surface area 10 mm

Conventional Bi-Poles (CBPs)

  • Capture larger far-field signals
  • Provide an antenna length that extends beyond site of ablation
  • Cannot pace and ablate simultaneously
         ME surface area 0.5 mm

Mini-Electrodes (MEs)

  • Provide more accurate recording of focal area1
  • Allow recording at the precise site of ablation
  • Enable pace capabilities during ablation

True Tip Location: Accurate EGM localization

Far-Field Signal from Conventional Bi-Poles (CBPs)
Accurate Tip Location with Mini-Electrodes (MEs)
Mini-electrodes appear blue/green on infrared thermography

True Tissue Assessment

True Ablation Feedback

Advanced Cooling platform

Total tip cooling and efficient tissue/tip cooling interface

Bidirectional Curve Options
IntellaTip MiFi Filter Module
IntellaTip MiFi Reference Cable
IntellaTip MiFi Catheter Cable

Ordering Information

Catheter Model No.Shaft SizeTip Size Curve StyleCable Model No.
M004 EPM9620 07.5F/2.5 mm7F/4.5 mm (straight)StandardM004 621 0 / /M004 627 0
M004 EPM9620K2 07.5F/2.5 mm7F/4.5 mm (straight)LargeM004 621 0 / /M004 627 0
M004 EPM9620N4 07.5F/2.5 mm7F/4.5 mm (straight)Asymmetric-4M004 621 0 / /M004 627 0
IntellaTip MiFi OI Catheter is indicated for use with an 8F sheath
All IntellaTip MiFi OI Catheters are 110 cm in length
All IntellaTip MiFi OI Catheters require the use of 1 Valleylab® Ground Pad (Model M004 354 0)

Cables and Accessories

Model No.Description
M004 1212 0Filter Module (reference cable included)
M004 3636 0Reference Cable from Filter Module to Pod (81cm)
M004 621 0Catheter Cable to Stockert-EP Shuttle and to Filter Module (3 m)
M004 627 0Catheter Cable to Maestro 4000™ Cardiac Ablation Controller and to Filter Module – Uniflow
M004 653S 0Catheter Cable from Filter Module or Pod to Recorder (2 required)
M004 116 0Irrigation Tubing Set (CoolFlow™ Irrigation Pump)
M004 117 0MetriQ™ Irrigation Tubing Set
7F = 2.33 mm, 7.5F = 2.5 mm, 8F = 2.66 mm

True Tip Location

Unique design of the INTELLATIP MIFI™ OI catheter allows for precise identification of the catheter tip location.

Accurate High-Resolution Mapping

Maps generated with the mini-electrodes provide accurate information of tip location in relation to the line of block2

1 Chen S., et al. (May, 2012). A Novel Map and Ablate Technology to Identify Arrhythmogenic Atrial Substrate. Poster session presented at Heart Rhythm Society, Boston, MA. (Right atrial canine model utilizing EnSite NavX™, n=9). Results from case studies are not necessarily predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

2 Jackman W, et al. (May, 2012). Mini Recording Electrodes Within a Conventional 4.5 mm Tip Electrode Improves Ablation Catheter Mapping Resolution. Poster session presented at Heart Rhythm Society, Boston, MA. (Right Atrial canine model, n=4. Operator utilized RHYTHMIA Mapping System with 4.5 mm Open-Irrigated INTELLATIP MIFI catheter). Results from case studies are not necessarily predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.