Blazer™ Open-Irrigated

Ablation Catheter

Blazer™ Open-Irrigated Ablation Catheter
Blazer™ Open-Irrigated Ablation Catheter Tip Electrode
Blazer™ Catheter Platform: Bidirectional With Exceptional Tip Control

The Blazer™ Open-Irrigated Ablation Catheter is the only catheter with a Total Tip Cooling™ Design which provides total uniform tip cooling internally, an optimized flow pattern with active washing and consistent cooling throughout RF delivery as well as a uniform external flow.

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Product Details

Internal Cooling:

Dual chambers cool the entire tip

External Washing:

Optimized flow pattern actively washes tip

  • Greater Cooling Capacity*
  • Active Tip Washing

Total Tip Cooling Technology

  • Designed to reduce potential of char, coagulum and thrombus
  • Designed for effective power delivery

Trusted Blazer Platform

  • Predictable handing
  • Dependable performance
Conventional Open-Irrigated Tip
Blazer™ Open-Irrigated Tip

Product illustrations of catheter construction designed by Boston Scientific, not actual photos.

  • Reduced Proximal Heating*
  • Uniform Cooling of Tip
Conventional Open-Irrigated Tip
Blazer™ Open-Irrigated Tip

17ml/min flow rate, 20W, 30s used in the bench testing performed by Boston Scientific. N=1. Data on file.

Consistently coller throughout RF delivery

Total Tip Cooling™ Design Provides Cooling Efficiency

Ordering Information

Blazer™ Open-Irrigated Ablation Catheter

Electrode Configuration: Quadripolar   Electrode Spacing: 2.5 mm
Catheter Model No. Shaft Size Tip Size Curve Style Shaft Length
M004 EPT9620 0 7.5 F (2.5 mm) 7 F (2.34 mm) / 4 mm Standard 110 cm
M004 EPT9620K2 0 7.5 F (2.5 mm) 7 F (2.34 mm) / 4 mm Large 110 cm
M004 EPT9620K2E 0 7.5 F (2.5 mm) 7 F (2.34 mm) / 4 mm Large / Extra Long 115 cm
M004 EPT9620N4 0 7.5 F (2.5 mm) 7 F (2.34 mm) / 4 mm Asymmetric 110 cm
Model No. Description
M004 691 0 Cable, Blazer Open-Irrigated Catheter to Stockert RF Generator
M004 354 1¹ Valleylab™ Ground Pad
M004 116 0 Open-Irrigated Tubing kit

Bidirectional Curve Options

Standard Radius Curve
Large Radius Curve (K2, K2E)
Asymmetric 4 Curve (N4)

Catheter configurations are illustrative representations only and may not reflect actual performance.

The Blazer Open-Irrigated Ablation Catheter has been tested and verified to operate safely with the Stockert Radiofrequency Generator and CoolFlowTM Irrigation Pump.