MetriQ™ Pump

Cardiac Ablation System

Efficiency. Performance. Integration.

Maestro 4000™ Cardiac Ablation System (left)

Seamless, automatic communication.

The Open-Irrigated (OI) System Empowers Irrigated Ablation Procedures. The OI System empowers your ability to maximize open-irrigated procedure success and helps drive improvement to patient outcomes with the most advanced ablation technology.

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Product Details

MetriQ™ Pump
Vital, real-time procedure information

• Large, easy-to-read display screen with intelligent user interface and programmable memory buttons
• Intuitive, easy-to-interpret diagnostic messages
• Safe, effective bubble and occlusion detection

Ordering Information

MetriQ™ Pump
Model No. Description
M004 4100 0 MetriQ Pump
M004 117 0 MetriQ Tubing Set
M004 661 0 Cable, Generator to Pump or Remote (6 m)
M004 663 0  Cable, Generator to Pump or Remote (15,2 m)
M004 664 0  Cable, Generator to Pump or Remote (22,8 m)

Key Benefits

Empower Efficiency

Simple connectivity and intelligent user interface enables quick setup and efficient operation.
Empower Efficiency

Intelligent User Interface
• Comprehensive, real-time diagnostic information on one screen
• Large, easy-to-read display can be viewed from a distance
• Quick, intuitive menu navigation

IntellaSight Infusion Monitoring
• Provides real-time feedback on five different saline assessments
-          Volume Remaining
-          Low Fluid Warning
-          Volume Infused
-          New Saline Bag
-          Volume Dispensed

Customizable Memory Buttons
• Programmable flow and menu settings can be quickly accessed for future procedures
• Store and retrieve procedure parameters for up to three different scenarios

Empower Performance

Automatic communication between system components activates enhanced features  to deliver safe, reliable performance throughout the procedure.
Empower Performance

Bubble and Occlusion Detection
• Reliable sensor technology designed to prevent air infusion and occlusion
• Simple placement process to ensure accurate tubing alignment
• Smaller tubing designed to effectively clear bubbles and increase flow

Automatic Titration
• Intelligent, automatic titration ensures optimal power-to-fluid control
• Instant, clear display of titration status


Empower Integration

The Open-Irrigated System fully integrates with today’s most advanced products to diagnose and treat cardiac arrhythmias.

Compatible with Our Full Portfolio of Cutting-edge Catheters

  • Automatically detects catheter and programs default flow settings
IntellaTip MiFi™ Multi-Dimensional Ablation Technology
IntellaNav™ Ablation Technology for the Rhythmia™ Mapping System
Blazer™ Ablation Technology 

Boston Scientific EP Lab

IntellaNav™ Ablation Technology is pending CE Mark Approval. Not approved for sale in the EAA.