EP Recording System

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LABSYSTEM PRO EP Recording System
LABSYSTEM PRO EP Recording System
LABSYSTEM PRO EP Recording System
LABSYSTEM PRO EP Recording System

When it comes to EP recording, we have many years experience. We have been recording electrograms for over 30 years. The new LS10K platform of our LABSYSTEM™ Pro EP Recording System retains many features our users value. It introduces brand new features including an IT Security Suite, ensuring patient data is protected.

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LS10K IT Security Suite
to help protect patient data and the hospital network

LS10K Security Features
  • Continued Excellence for Your Evolving EP Lab Needs.
  • Superior electrogram signal processing and analysis
  • Customisable layout and procedure flow
  • Waveform export in a variety of raw and image formats (ASCII, Binary, JPG, and BMP)
  • Enhancements to user interface for improved patient assessment
  • Clinical EP expertise designed into every product and feature
  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Exceptional warranty and service options available
  • Clinical and technical specialists for support and training

30 Years at the Heart of the Electrograms

30 years ago we had a vision of an EP recording system that would make the diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias easier, faster and clearer - the LabSystem brand was born 30 years later, we remain the trusted choice and market leader. We have the most advanced, user-friendly and intuitive EP recording system. What’s more, we continue to develop the system to address your needs and the technology developments of today’s EP Labs. So we can continue to provide you with first class service and support for your EP Lab, as we always have.

When it comes to recording electrograms,
there is no recording system like LabSystem™ Pro!

at the heart of electrograms
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