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  • iLAB™ featuring ULTRA ICE™ PLUS Ultrasound Imaging System and Ultrasound Imaging Catheter

    iLAB™ Ultrasound Imaging System and ULTRA ICE™ PLUS Ultrasound Imaging Catheter for Intracardiac Imaging

    ICE provides the combination of real-time imaging and soft tissue visualization that cannot be duplicated by fluoroscopy, pre-operative imaging (CT or MR), or electroanatomic mapping. Not only can you identify anatomical structures, you can visualize where devices are relative to those structures.

    1. Electrophysiology
  • LABSYSTEM™ PRO EP Recording System

    When it comes to EP recording, we have many years experience. We have been recording electrograms for over 30 years. The new LS10K platform of our LABSYSTEM™ Pro EP Recording System retains many features our users value. It introduces brand new features including an IT Security Suite, ensuring patient data is protected.

    1. Electrophysiology