AMS 800™

Artificial Urinary Sphincter

This system offers customizable treatment options based on the patient’s physical condition, with components tailored to fit their anatomy. System components and accessories include:
  • Occlusive Cuff
  • Pressure Regulating Balloon
  • Control Pump
  • Accessory Kit
  • Quick Connect Assembly Tool
  • Insertion Package
  • Deactivation Package
Considered the gold standard treatment for male SUI,1-3 the AMS 800 Artificial Urinary Sphincter (AUS) is designed for all levels of SUI following prostate procedures.2,3,5

Established Outcomes

  •  More than 50 years of clinical use, with over 250,000 systems sold worldwide4*
  •  Dry or improved rates were computed as 79%, ranging from 61% to 100%6
  •  Overall device survival was 72% at 5 years, 56% at 10 years, 41% at 15 years, and 33% at 20 years7

*50 years and 250,000 sold is inclusive of all AUS devices since 1972

How it Works

The AMS 800™ AUS simulates normal sphincter function by opening and closing the urethra, under patient control. When the cuff is closed, urine stays in the bladder.4