AMS 700 Features

Quality Design
Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

Silicone Multi-Layer

The unique, sophisticated cylinder construction is meticulously layered with silicone and fabric that work together to reinforce and maintain a symmetrical shape regardless of patient anatomy. The result is a prosthesis that is designed to look and feel natural whether deflated or inflated. 1-4



Infection Protection

Designed for protection, the AMS 700 IPP is the only antibiotic impregnated penile implant on the market proven to reduce revision surgery due to infection.5-8

The AMS 700 series comes ready for the procedure – no mixing, no dipping required - reducing extra steps for you and your staff. Instead, you can confidently start each procedure ready to go, eliminating unnecessary  steps to ultimately enhance procedure efficiency.1




Parylene Coating

Parylene Coating

An innovative, micro thin coating applied to the non-tissue contacting silicone surfaces of the cylinders that has been proven in published studies to mitigate cylinder fatigue and increase long-term durability. 1,9,10

Parylene coated cylinders are more than 3x more durable than non-Parylene coated cylinders.1

Fabric Layer

Uniquely woven in two fiber patterns to allow length and girth expansion. 1

AMS 700 LGX cylinders are designed to increase in length up to 25% and girth by 18 (+/-2) mm, allowing patients the opportunity to maintain or regain lost length.1,3,11


 Fabric Layer