AMS 700 Features


Silicone Multi-Layer


Patients trust the AMS 700 IPP for its natural appearance, in both erect and flaccid states, made possible by the silicone multi-layer construction. 1-4

Silicone and fabric work together to provide symmetrical inflation and deflation which minimizes cosmetic deformities, ensures a natural look and feel and offers maximum rigidity. 1-4





InhibiZone™ Antibiotic Treatment


The innovative AMS 700™ IPP is the only penile prosthesis line impregnated with the proprietary InhibiZone™ Antibiotic Treatment and is clinically proven to reduce the risk of infection.5-9

2 Weeks vs. 2 Hours

InhibiZone™ is a minocycline/rifampin antibiotic solution impregnated into the silicone layers of the prosthesis and is gradually released over two weeks, compared to a burst of antibiotics in minutes to hours with competitor products.1,9 InhibiZone provides a clinically proven and effective zone of inhibition against the bacteria most commonly associated with penile prosthesis infections.9

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Parylene Coating

Parylene Coating

Patients can feel confident with a reliable, durable device due to the Parylene coating.1,10,11 This specially selected protective coating improves wear resistance – cylinders with Parylene withstood 12.9 million cycles before cylinder fatigue vs. 3.7 million without Parylene.1

Parylene also improves durability by 5x and significantly enhances device reliability, with 94.1% mechanical failure-free survival rates at 7 years.1,10

Dacron Fabric Layer



Woven in two fiber patterns, Dacron fabric allows natural-feeling cylinder length and girth expansion. The fabric layer works together with the silicone layers to deliver exceptional girth and rigidity.1,2 In the flaccid state, this layer helps provide patients with a natural looking and feeling penis. 1,3,4

AMS 700TM LGX is the only implant with cylinders designed to increase in length up to 25% and girth by 18 (+/-2) mm, allowing patients the opportunity to maintain or regain lost length. 1,12,13


Dacron Fabric Layer



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