Module III - Lifetime Managment Of Patients With Aortic Stenosis
Policlinico San Donato, Milan (IT)

What is Hands & Mind?

Practicing, Perfecting and Partnering with you is the essence of our engagement, HANDS & MIND combines all our THV (Transcatheter Heart Valve) community initiative under one program to advance THV theraphy with you.  

What is the Valve Academy (ACE) program about?

The ACE program connects the new generation of TAVI implanters with the more experienced Experts from EMEA through a yearlong journey of continuous learning and networking. With ACE, participants engage in a highly interactive, case-based curriculum that combines live cases, scientific and technological discussions on THV therapy under experts’ guidance.

"With the Valve Academy, our goal is to support the new generation of structural heart experts by immersing them in a highly interactive case-based educational program that addresses the multifaceted topics of TAVI. The program is built around a series of 4 live cases that focus on different patient profiles and anatomies so that we can explore and discuss step-by-step the keys to optimizing valve therapy and improving patient outcomes."

Lars Søndergaard / Ole De Backer  

ACE Session Format

During this 2-day practical program, our panel of Experts walk participants through the essentials the TAVI procedure through 4 live cases.

Each case, focuses on a specific topic and patient profile so that participants can discuss step-by-step and in detail the keys to optimizing valve therapy from pre-procedural planning to outcomes, efficiency and lifetime management of patients.

ACE Program Overview

Module I - IV
More videos, clinical cases and presentations