Ablation Solutions

Boston Scientific is committed to supporting Interventional Radiologists and their patients. With significant investments in new technologies, product pipeline growth and focus on expanding indications, we can offer a best in class product portfolio.

From market-leading cryoablation systems offering flexibility and control to our radiofrequency product for soft tissue ablation, we offer options for any case.

  • RFA – a long-lived technique that treats solid cancer by creating a localised region of heat through high-frequency electrical currents. RF 3000™ Radiofrequency Ablation System is simplicity and predictability in soft tissue ablation.
  • Cryoablation – an innovative technology that alternates freezing and thawing to destroy localised cancer cells. The ICEFX™ and VISUAL ICE™ are intended for the cryoablative destruction of tissue during minimally invasive percutaneous procedures.

What is Cryoablation?

Building on our commitment to Interventional Oncology, Boston Scientific has added the most advanced cryoablation technology to its portfolio of minimally invasive therapies.
Cryoablation offers minimally invasive destruction of tumours without the need for open surgery. Cryoablation can be used to treat renal cell carcinoma, lung, prostate and bone cancer, soft tissue sarcomas and desmoid tumours, among others. Cryoablation is also effective in controlling cancer pain.
Cryoablation solutions control

Precise control allows you to sculpt the optimal ablation zone

Cryoablation procedure intuitive

Progressive cryoablation software platforms simplify procedure

Cryoablation needles

Flexibility of needle options to tailor your treatment

Cryoablation technology

Advanced technology drives innovative capabilities

What are the benefits for clinicians?

Cryoablation offers clinicians a number of unique advantages:

  • Treatment zone visibility and control
  • Ability to treat multiple tumours in one session
  • Ability to use ice in proximity to critical structures / vasculature
  • Ability to use multiple probes to “sculpt” the shape of the iceball and ablate larger tumours
  • Repeatability of the treatment
  • Repeatability
Cryoablation Therapy

What are the benefits for patients?

Cryoablation procedure and patient outcomes

How is the iceball created?

Cryoablation iceball visibility safety margins

Intraoperative imaging is important to monitor iceball formation throughout the procedure and is key to a successful cryoablation.

  • To optimise tumour coverage and provide appropriate margins, the use of multiple needles is recommended. Multiple needles placed in an adjacent configuration will typically create a large, coalesced iceball.

  • To optimise appropriate margins, needles should be placed to create lethal ice beyond the perimeter of the target tissue (5-10mm, depending on tissue type).

Clinical Results

Motion study bone metastases
The MOTION study demonstrated that cryoablation of bone metastases results in significant decrease in pain, as well as a low rate of major adverse events that is comparable to other ablation modalities. Moreover, it improved quality of life and offered an alternative to opioids for pain control.

92% (59/64) of patients achieved pain palliation

-2.61 points in pain score in 8 weeks!

Our Indications

Renal Cell Carcinoma Soft tissue tumours desmoid sarcoma bone cancer metastases pain palliation lung cancer ECLIPSE metastases colorectal prostate cancer focal therapy






Our Solutions

The ICEfx™ Cryoablation System the next generation of ablation systems

ICEfx™ Cryoablation System intuitive

Radiofrequency Ablation

Designed for use with the RF3000™ Radiofrequency Generator

  • Umbrella-shaped array
  • Wide portfolio matrix of array diameters from 2cm to 5cm
  • Soloist Single Needle Electrode for small 1.5cm x 1cm ablation zones
  • The only RFA system that utilizes impedance to accurately assess the procedural endpoint

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